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The journey to wellness should be delicious and on your terms.

Together we will integrate nutrition into your life in a way that makes you feel confident.

oncology nutritionist

I’m here to help!

Are you frustrated figuring out how to put together all of the food advice you’ve received?

Are you tired of trying to find flavor in food while in treatment?

Not sure how to eat well with the diet/s you were prescribed?

oncology nutritionist

There are several ways to start building your best plan.

Choose foods that are in season. Foods are most nutritious immediately after harvest. When possible, consume foods grown in your region.

Eat foods with bright colors. One word, phytonutrients!

Whole foods can be used for everyone. Learn how to prepare, make modifications, build a meal plan, and find foods that appeal to taste changes.

The right tools at the right time. Looking for ways to cook with a busy schedule? Find strategies for making it easier.

 Below are a few of my favorite books and some tools that make life in the kitchen easier. Follow me for more ideas and inspiration.

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Recommended Books

Kitchen Resources for Meal Preparation

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